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......@@ -4,11 +4,11 @@
+# help the built php to find xml extension so we can install pear
+PEAR_INSTALL_XML_FLAGS = -d extension_dir="$(top_builddir)/modules" -d
+PEAR_INSTALL_XML_FLAGS = -d extension_dir="$(top_builddir)/modules" -d -d
# Skip all php.ini files altogether
-PEAR_INSTALL_FLAGS = -n -dshort_open_tag=0 -dopen_basedir= -derror_reporting=1803 -dmemory_limit=-1 -ddetect_unicode=0
+PEAR_INSTALL_FLAGS = -n -dshort_open_tag=0 -dopen_basedir= -derror_reporting=1803 -dmemory_limit=-1 -ddetect_unicode=0 $(PEAR_INSTALL_XML_FLAGS)
WGET = `which wget 2>/dev/null`
FETCH = `which fetch 2>/dev/null`
\ No newline at end of file
FETCH = `which fetch 2>/dev/null`
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