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......@@ -80,4 +80,4 @@ ENTRYPOINT ["/opt/php-alpine/"]
WORKDIR "/home/sandbox/scripts"
# use bash as default command.
CMD ["/bin/sh"]
CMD ["/bin/ash"]
# source /etc/profile
. /etc/profile
#!/usr/bin/env ash
# trust the locally mounted public key and fix permissions.
sudo cp /home/sandbox/.abuild/ /etc/apk/keys/
sudo chmod u=rw,go=r /etc/apk/keys/
# fix home dir owner permissions.
sudo chown -R sandbox:sandbox /home/sandbox
# fix all packages permissions.
sudo chown -R sandbox:sandbox "$HOME"/packages || echo -e ""
# fix all packages ownership.
sudo chmod -R 644 "$HOME"/packages/*/*/*.apk || echo -e ""
sudo chmod -R 644 "$HOME"/packages/*/*/*.tar.gz || echo -e ""
# determine cpu count.
# ABUILD_JOBS=$(grep -c '^processor\s*:\s[0-9]*$' < /proc/cpuinfo)
ABUILD_JOBS=$(grep -c '^processor\s*:\s[0-9]*$' < /proc/cpuinfo)
# configure JOBS variable as cpu count on abuild.conf file.
# sudo sed -i "/export JOBS=.*/c\export JOBS=$ABUILD_JOBS" /etc/abuild.conf
sudo sed -i "/export JOBS=.*/c\export JOBS=$ABUILD_JOBS" /etc/abuild.conf
# source env files generated during docker build.
if [ -f ~/.build_env ]; then
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