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## PHP-ALPINE: Fresh PHP binaries APK repository for Alpine Linux.
**Supporting PHP 8!**
> Maintainer: [@hernandev](
**Currently Supporting PHP 8.0**, also, PHP 7.4 and PHP 7.3.
This project provides a simple alternative for running updated PHP binaries on Alpine Linux.
We pack and release PHP versions as soon they are available on (At least, we try to.)
Additionally, many PECL extensions are also available as packages as well.
#### Created by:
- Diego Hernandes - **[@hernandev](**
#### Support, Help and Faith:
- Ueli Banholzer - **[@xarem](**
- whatwedo GmbH - **[@whatwedo](**
- individual [contributors](
#### Main Related Projects:
- **[Ambientum](** by [@hernandev](
Docker native solution for running Laravel projects. From Development to Production.
- **[DDE](** by [@whatwedo](
Local development environment toolset based on Docker
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